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Follow the adventures of Mr. Tee (Tom) and the Pink Putter (Robin) as they play and review miniature golf courses around the wold. 

A Couple of Putts

The Putting Penguin

The largest miniatue golf review website in the world!

Hosted by Pat Sheridan and Mandy Ranslow.



Adventure Golf Serices

AGS is a family-run miniature golf design firm based out of Traverse City, Mi. They have built and designed courses around the world (and even at sea through Cruise Ship Mini Golf).  Pictured on the left is Arne Lundmark, AGS founder.

Castle Golf

Castle is located in Meza Arizona and is the largest miniature golf course design firm on the West Coast.  They have designed and built some of the top courses in the world. Pictured on the left is designer Dave Peterson.

JMM Studios



JMM is a family-run consulting, custom design and fabrication firm located in Woodbine, N.J. Pictured on the left is Jim Melonic, the founder of JMM Studios.  

Maria Reidelbach


Maria and her writing partner Nina Garfinkel and photograher John Margolis created the book Mini Golf a history of the subject. 

Jane Farrell Turf & Carpets

Known as "The Queen of Turf," Jane Farrell has been a key player in the the mini golf industry since 1989.  She has recently teamed up with Flagship Carpets to provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor putting needs. 

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